Science in Zero-G

When: Sunday, August 3rd, 2 p.m.

Where: The Forge

What: Science in Zero-G

Who: Active members only!

¬†Short Description: In 2010, Forge member Jeff Regester led a team that designed and flew a physics experiment aboard NASA’s reduced-gravity aircraft, more famously known as the Vomit Comet. The aircraft flies parabolic trajectories, up and down, that produce 20-ish seconds of simulated weightlessness at the top of each parabola. Typically there are 30 parabolas per flight. NASA uses the aircraft to train astronauts, test mechanisms for satellites to see if they will work properly when weightless, and conduct fundamental engineering and science experiments. Come hear about Jeff’s experience designing and building the experiment, as well as actually flying with it aboard the stomach-churning aircraft. Did he vomit or did he not? You’ll have to attend the presentation to find out! The experiment apparatus will make a live appearance as well.



Apparatus Picture Information Jeff Regester aboard Vomit Comet

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Equipment Moving Day (one of many to come)

Special thanks to everyone who showed up today and helped move equipment, reorganize the shop, and clean. See below for pics!

image-1 image image-5 image-4 image-3 image-2

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The Forge Grand Opening Event!

The Forge Grand Opening

We are pleased to announce our Grand Opening on July 22nd! Come join us for food, drinks, tours, and a host of great conversation!

The Forge has been working toward this goal for some time, and is finally ready to showcase our progress to the public. We currently stand 43 members strong, many of which have been with our community for over a year. The Forge could not have accomplished so much in such a short time without the never ending support we find in the community, through our members, and local businesses.


Click here to register!

The Forge Grand Opening is an event welcoming ALL of the community, so please RSVP and come show your support.


Thank you,


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Call for Equipment

Now that we’re officially up and running, The Forge is annoucing a Call for Equipment to help us put together the tools needed to outfit our workshop. If you or someone you know might be interested in donating or sponsoring a piece of equipment, please send an email to

60-Watt Laser Cutter
CNC Milling Machines
3D Scanner
Vacuum Forming System
Heat Strip Bending System
Injection Molding System
Computer-Controlled Vinyl Cutter
Powder Coating System
MIG Welders
TIG Welders
Hand-Held Plasma Cutter
Sheet Metal Spot Welder
Sheet Metal Brake
Rotary Sheet Metal Punch
Sheet Metal Corner Notcher
English Wheel and Planishing Hammer
Sheet Metal Shear
Sheet Metal Roller
Sandblast Cabinet
Metal Grinders and Sanders
Metal Chop Saw
Metal Horizontal Band Saw
Metal Vertical Band Saw
Electronics Testing and Soldering Equipment
CNC Wood Router System
SawStop Cabinet Table Saw
Panel Saw
Wood Planer
Wood Jointer
Wood Band Saw
Wood Sanders
Wood Lathe
Drill Presses
Dust collectors
Metal Lathe
Vertical Milling Machines

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In the news

We’ve been getting more and more interest from the media lately as word about The Forge and Makerspaces in general gets around.

Yesterday FOX8 aired Makerspaces Opening Across the Triad, which featured The Forge and the Alamance Maker’s Guild.

Triad City Beat published a great article about us, Greensboro’s Makerspace Opening Imminent. The article as has some good photos from our previous meetings, too.

Many thanks to everyone that has been helping to get the word out!

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June 25 Status Update

This are moving fast! So fast that I wanted to provide an update to everyone between meetings this week.

First off, the security and access control systems are now in place and we’re beginning to issue cards to members. If you’d like to get your access card before our next meeting on July 3rd, please email to setup a time when you can come pick it up.

As of today, we have our temporary Certificate of Occupancy!

The AV system, including the projector and screen, are now fully setup and working at the space. Many many thanks to Noah for the hours he spent getting them ready. Make sure to pat him on the back the next time you see him.

We also just completed our first TV interview! Make sure to check out FOX8 tonight at 6:00 PM for their segment on maker spaces.

Other than that, stay tuned. There are a lot of great things on the horizon.

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Progress Update

Work on the space is continuing at a great pace. We’ve signed a contract for security and access control which should be ready for use in 1-2 weeks. Once access control is in place, all paid members will receive an access card. As a quick reminder, our next meeting is this Thursday at 7:00 PM. We’re expecting a great turnout, so come on down!







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Meeting schedule (the next meeting is next week!)

Meetings are on the first and third Thursday’s of the month. Since there’s five Thursday’s in May this year, that means there’s a two week gap between the last meeting and the next one on June 5th. See you all then!

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Construction Update 2014-05-22

The pylons for the canopy are up and the slab poured!

Pylons up and slab poured!

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Work Weekend @ The Forge

The first ever Forge Work Weekend is this Saturday at 10:00 AM. We’re meeting at The Forge on 115 W Lewis St. We’ll be laying out the floor plan on a big whiteboard, setting up A/V equipment, cleaning furniture, and making some runs to The Vault, our storage space.

Come on down and help forge The Forge itself and take a hand in creating a bit of Greensboro!

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