Donate to The Forge

Help us with amintenance cost, office supplies, and show your support for Greensboro’s first Makerspace. All donations are recorded and are deductible through our 501(c)3 status. We are entirely membership/donation funded, and while we have only one employee, our executive director, much of Forge Greensboro is run by the unpaid contributions of our board and volunteers. We appreciate the generosity and support we have and continue to receive from our community! If you wish to remain anonymous please let us know! We will know who you are, might even send you something cool, but we will keep your secret safe.   Thank you, you are the bees knees.

Donate to The Forge to make the community of Greensboro better.

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Equipment Donation

As we work hard to get our shop online and supply members with the highest quality in tools, we are grateful to anyone who is interested in donating a piece or pieces of equipment. If we are unable to use the piece, don’t worry, we will connect you with a host of other makerspaces who may be interested!

Thank you, your support means a lot to us!