A makerspace is a place with tools and equipment to make. Much like a gym, members pay a monthly subscription to have access to expensive equipment. However, instead of breaking a sweat, members at a makerspace make!

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Walk ins are welcome during visiting hours. If you plan on bringing a group of 5+, please schedule at contact@forgegreensboro.org. We also have Open houses on First Fridays and Third Thursdays of each month

Members have 24/7 access to the space

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Yes , we rent out variously sized spaces for short and long term storage

Yes! All classes are available to the public. Click here to see our classes.

All members must either attend intro classes or speak with our instructors before using any of the equipment. Bribing other members with food or beverage to do individual learning is also a possibility! Members receive discounts on our Beginner through Advanced educational classes. Intro classes are free for members.

No, but a mentor or member of your family can join. They will have to be there with you if you are using the space. (create a rider contract)