What is Forge Greensboro?

Forge Greensboro is a 501c3 nonprofit community makerspace. It is a place where like minded people, especially those interested in hands on skills and technology, can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, tools, and knowledge. As the largest commmunity makerspace in the south east, members of the Forge come from a diverse variety of backgrounds. Students, entrepreneurs, artisans, trade professionals, tinkerers, and hobbyists enjoy the space, community, and resources of Forge Greensboro.


Forge Greensboro will catalyze the spirit of making in Greensboro by providing a world class facility, bringing ideas into reality, and forging a city that values diversity, culture, and prosperity.


We will lower the barriers to making through affordable access to tools, tech, and skills so more people can express themselves through making.


In 2012, the founders of Forge Greensboro were meeting in coffee shops. They were a group of hobbyists, tinkerers, artisans, and students who wanted to work and collaborate together by merging their tools into one place, and build a community makerspace. Creating an open, diverse, and affordable atmosphere was very important to them, so when they incorporated in 2013, they did so as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, capable of accepting donations and contributions. They found a space on 115 West Lewis Street, in an almost forgotten area of downtown. Because the building was once the local blacksmith, the founders coined the new makerspace “The Forge.” Almost three years later, membership grew beyond the capacity of the 3400 square foot space, and the management work load was growing for the completely volunteer run organization. In the fall of 2016, with West Lewis Street transformed into a vibrant downtown attraction, the Board of Directors and membership agreed that Forge Greensboro needed more space and a full-time employee. That winter, the new executive director and the members moved the entire makerspace down the street to 219 West Lewis Street. This building, once the auxiliary livery stables, increased the facility to 8,000 square feet. Visible from Eugene Street, the gateway to downtown Greensboro, Forge Greensboro’s increased space is now capable of hosting several startup entrepreneurs, college student projects, artisan activities, and educational programs.