Sam Rouse Furniture – Sam Rouse

I am a furniture maker specializing in one-off a kind custom piece for homes and office spaces. As well as small-scale manufacturing. My passion is to create pieces that are more than a piece of furniture but that become heirlooms that you can pass down for generations and last for 100s of years.

The forge is the only reason I am where I am in my career today. My plan was to work for a few years as an apprentice before starting my business. However, after getting approached by some clients, I decided to start on my own. I didn’t have the start-up money so without the Forge, I wouldn’t have the tools or space that I need to make. Networking and collaboration have been huge benefits of being in the space. The business connections I have made have been unbelievable in the year that I have been here.

Red Dog Woodworks – Bill Heir

I love to build! From the beginning of the process of design to selecting the materials, machining and finally finishing, my pieces aren’t just versatile and functional; they’re beautiful and filled with character. Every piece is different, yet they all give a satisfying and warm feeling of something hand made and natural.

John Sherwood – Sherwood Woodcraft

336 465 6282

Camel City Woodworks – Chris Beckman

Pendragon 3D Arts


or contact Adam at 910 639 7169

Suryaleela – Jennifer Jennette

In Sanskrit, “Surya” means SUN, and “Leela” (often spelled “Lila”) means PLAY or GAME. Leela is the spontaneous and joyful “play” of universal cosmic energies that results in creation. Leela is nature of the soul, living in the flow, light-hearted and carefree.

Life at its core, sometimes poses difficulties, but is also amazing, miraculous, beautiful, thrilling and wonder-full!
I made Surya Leela Designs because I have lots of design ideas and I like to make new things! I love the fabrics I work with – I love textiles, textures and color – the feel, wrinkle, and drape of linen – the softness of stretchy knits – the uniqueness of hand stamping and printmaking. And I love YOGA!
With Surya Leela, I hope to contribute to mindfulness, self-care and care for the environment in the lives and loves of my clients and friends all over the world.
When we feel good with ourselves, connect with others and take it easy, we make a good life for all.

Beast Chains – Rahim Stennett


Rahim makes stainless steel luxury dog collars.
Without the forge he could have never brought this idea to life, besides the fact that the forge had every tool and work space that he needed to make a reality, the forge has a wealth of knowledge, in it’s members who are always willing to teach and mentor: He learned how to use the laser engraver, 3D printer and welding equipment right here at the forge. All very important skills in running his business.

Tiska Bros Machining – Joe Tiska


A Weld Above – Sean Kellogg

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To EARS – Marc Pinckney


Table Top Envy – Steve Bird



Vintage to Vogue? – Carl Mize

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Phil Fuentes

336 549 8002

Drum Guy

Jesse Blanchard? Not sure what his business it, but he is doing something

He is pretty responsive in slack

Fusion3 – Chris Padgett

JFJones Mobiles – Jay Jones

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Ronnie Staton

Hi my name is Ronnie and I’m a member at the Forge Greensboro NC. I’m also a fulltime Graphic Design student at NC A&T. The forge has helped me by being a tool that allows me to turn my digital works into physical objects. The forge also help me get better in my craft. I make various things from wood like home decor and wood jewelry.

3D printed instruments- Mike Czeiszperger

I create plastic 3D printed ukuleles, A good instrument designer makes full use of the inherent qualities of the materials. Plastic instruments are being designed that push the boundaries of what has been possible with instruments in the past. The combination of advanced materials, the latest 3D printing techniques, and innovative electronics makes for instruments that are fun to look at, fun to play, and optionally beep, bloop, blink, swirl, and glow. The Forge has given me access to professional 3D printers, as well as a community of creative, skilled people to give me advice.

Auquaflow? – Carl Snyder