Lounge Area

Had a long day of crafting and building? Take a nap, get a slice of pizza, or contemplate the meaning of life in this relaxing space.

Computer Lab

Our computers have the Adobe Creative Suite as well as multiple design and CAD softwares. And if you’re missing a part, you can always order one online!

3D Printers and Electronics

For people who like making things go sparky-boom-boom, this is the place for you!


A nice rest area for after you’re finished a project or for just taking a break. If you’re afraid of your materials wandering off, you can keep them in our storage lockers.

Laser Engravers

Laser and etch to your heart’s content with our depenedable laser engravers.

Metal Shop – Machinery

Metal heads unite in our metal shop.


For all your wood-related needs.


There’s “sew” much to do in our sewing department!

Conference Room

Everyone has to sit down and have “the talk” eventually. For small group discussions or meetings.